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This is the official home of the Mountain Animation discography- by subscribing to this page you will receive our entire back catalog (featuring full albums, EPs, singles, and live albums) and everything that we make in the future! We will put out at least one full-length album per year, along with numerous singles, live albums, and EPs.

We consider everyone who subscribes to our bandcamp to be a top-notch fan, so we'll adding 'subscriber only' content as often as possible- this will include exclusive live cuts, b-sides, and album demos as we create new music.

Subscribers will also get a 15% discount on all of our physical merch!

With your support as a subscriber, we can have a source of income that will allow us to record more, tour more, and create as much art as possible. Thank you so much for all your support!

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    By subscribing for $50 a year, you will receive physical releases from us! We guarantee that this will include a new CD the moment an album is completed, and a subscriber exclusive 'B-side CD' that will contain deep-cuts for our best fans.

    We'll also mail out surprise bonus material through out the year!
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Mountain Animation
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